The inspiration for the establishment of Bella Scuff started in the year 2016 when I became obsessed with the idea of how to maintain skincare naturally.

The idea came to actualization when I stumbled on the discovery that coffee scrub is one of nature's most effective ingredients that brings out the best way to achieve a radiant glow.

A further research revealed that coffee scrub is one most powerful natural ingredient to target cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, blackheads and psoriasis. ​

Bella Scuff was established with the primary aim of providing the most fantastic and exquisite skincare products made from naturally infused coffee body scrub. ​

Bella Scuff skincare will enhance and maintain natural beauty, Its hydrating ingredients and invigorating scent will leave your skin soft, refreshed, and luminous.

History ​Coffee is first noted to have wildly grown in Ethiopia but its first real documented consumption was in Yemen by the Sufi Monasteries. It spread to several parts of the Middle East, North Africa and Horn of Africa by the 16th century and later spread to Europe, Indonesia and farther on to America. It is now a popular beverage across the world both for its flavour and its benefits. One of the areas that researchers have found it to be of help is in the health and nourishment of the skin.

Benefits of Coffee to the Skin ​ Caffeine that is abundantly found in coffee is now a key ingredient in beauty and topical creams both for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Research has shown coffee to be an excellent diuretic that increases cutaneous microcirculation thus reducing cellulite. The same anti-oxidant properties of caffeine are also useful in getting rid of stretch marks. Coffee has also been shown to help in ridding the skin of blackheads. The main cause of blackheads is by oxidation of the sebum in a hair follicle. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant that will certainly lower the risks of getting blackheads. With regards to psoriasis, the results have proven to help anti- inflammatory properties can help fight the condition. Eczema is characterized by dry, cracked skin that gets quite painful. Coffee is a proven moisturiser that removes dead skin, nourishes the skin and leaves it radiant. It can therefore be used to treat and prevent eczema. It is clear that coffee is the most widely consumed beverage and it is not difficult to find the reasons why; it is a goldmine for healthy skin.